Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Happy Glampers

I have always loved camping. The smell of the wood burning in the fire pit, roasting marshmellows and telling ghost stories have always been on my top things to do with the family list. In the past, we have normally just brought our tent and hoped for good weather. Yes, there were many times that we woke up wet, but hey we are roughing it. Isn't that what camping is?

I am writing this post today from the comfort of the indoors, looking out my window at all of the snow and ice outside, daydreaming of the first warm days of summer to return. I know you think it is to early to be thinking of summer, but hey, a girl can dream right?

This past summer we spent the weekend in our tent at one of my favorite spots in northern Minnesota. After we got camp all set up, we were ready to spend some quality time with our kids and enjoy what the outdoors have to offer. Best of all, there is no cell phone service here!

It was that weekend, I saw a younger couple pulling their amazing vintage camper through the park, I must have stared at this beauty for a good 3 minutes as they drove by at 5 miles an hour! I immediately turned to Travis and noticed he too was staring at this amazing camper and I knew we both were thinking the same thing! We had to get one.

We love re-purposing items, finding vintage pieces and giving old things new life again and I was confident we could find a camper with good bones and a lot of potential. The hunt began.

It wasn't to long after we started looking that we were on our way to visit some friends and there on the side of the road was our new weekend warrior! She was exactly what we have been looking for. I cannot wait to get home and get started bringing it back to life!

 It was a lot of work, and there are a few more improvements we will be making over the winter, but our Glamper will be ready to go this Spring!

Every good Glamper needs a even better name. So let me introduce you to our Glamper, Cheeks!

Happy Glamping!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Junque Hippy Soap

It is that time of the quarter again to whip up a new batch of handmade soaps for the shop!

My favorite new scent is Carribean. Especially now that winter is here, smelling this new soap takes me away to an amazing beach, sun on my face, toes in the sand and listening to the waves hit the beach. 

Check out the new soaps in the shop!!