Friday, October 10, 2014

Repurposing Vintage Glass Soda Bottles

Friday nights used to be so different for us. Weekend used to be full of 20 something’s parties then it was the kids’ sleepover parties, now we like to spend our Friday nights creating.
Tonight Travis tried glass cutting for the very first time!
So let me start from the beginning. This morning we had to jump in the old Dodge Dakota and drive to our favorite picking spot to hopefully grab a dresser for a client of ours. The morning was crisp, like any October morning in Wisconsin and it took a little more motivation and a couple extra layers to get out the door.
As soon as we arrived to our favorite spot that feeling inspiration came over us quickly as we walked in the front door.
The smells of antiques and stories that are becoming more familiar fill our noses with delight. There is also a new smell in the front office, a smell of wood burning fills the air to remind us of the cold temps outside.
We say our friendly hello to the owner of this amazing gem in the countryside and start our hunt.
We normally keep to our same routine of walking through the narrow walk paths of heaping unique finds and eclectic items, hoping our eye catches something new or some new inspiration grabs a hold of us and an idea will be born. And this morning we struck gold early.
Not five minutes into the pick, I spot a gleaming green bottle with the branding of an all familiar favorite beverage and I say to Travis, “Hey, what do you think of this bottle? We can repurpose this into a really cool candle or drinking glass?” Without hesitation, Travis then replies “Yes, there are more of them over here!”
We quickly fill our arms with several of these bottles and quickly start our pile of finds to try and get the best pricing we can on a lot of items.
As we finish up our hunt after about two hours we are finally on our way home to try making these old and forgotten bottles something new and usable again.
So here we are on a Friday night making old new again. Needless to say after some breakage and a lot of frustration of trail and error we have success!!
Check out these cool repurposed vintage glass bottles! Almost ready for your favorite beverage. Ice not included.
I have had many fun Friday nights and this one is included!

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