Thursday, October 23, 2014

They said we were crazy! Boy, were they right!

I thought I would write tonight about how Travis and I decided to get started in the business of upcycling, repurposing, and bring the past back to life in our products. 

Before I let you in on what got us into this business, let me back up a bit to where this passionate, hard-working and sometimes crazy couple got started on our personal journey of friendship and marriage that is just as passionate, hard-working and most definitely crazy! 

This past weekend we had attended my 15 year high school reunion and of course it definitely made me stop and take a breath and reflect on how fast time flies by! Someone actually said to me,"Do you realize you have been out of school longer then you attended?" WOW! What an eye opener! It seems like just yesterday we were attending classes, making friends and paving the way for our futures. 

Travis and I had a great time with some friends, old and new that night. It was interesting to hear everyone's stories about work and their families. It did make me realize that we are each here on this earth to make a difference, work hard and love. 

This year Trav and I celebrated our 12 year wedding anniversary. We have actually known eachother for about 20 years already! We did lose touch with eachother for about 5 years and ran into eachother through my brother. Morgan (my brother) was working construction and Travis, after trying to remember where he knew Morgan from, finally asked a co-worker who he was. Aftter he found out that it was my brother, Travis asked Morgan to give me a call. 

When the phone rang that day, it was like we hadn't skipped a beat! Travis and I wrote our history a short 10 months after dating by getting married in July. 

Family members and friends from both sides thought we were absolutely crazy! They thought we were moving to fast or we were to young! Yes, we were crazy! Absolutely crazy in love and crazy about eachother.

Needless to say, I am confident those same people who thought we were crazy then know now that on that hot day in July when we said our do's it was going to be forever! 

We started our family and struggled here and there. We've made some good and bad decisions and learned from our mistakes and moved on. 

Working different jobs throughout the years and always thinking about what would make us the most happy and at the same time allow us to support our family we decided to take our passion for design and taking odds and ends or pieces that were ready for the graveyard and restoring them or making them into something fun, funky, innovative, functional or eclectic and make it a business. 

Junque Hippy is a company based on family values, hardwork and each piece we do has our heart and soul in it! 

We have fun everyday, weather we are out pickin' or junkin'. If we are sanding or painting. We do also share frustrations and challenges of working together as a couple sometimes as well but I do think that it keeps us on our toes and at the end of the day I know we share a common goal and know how far we have came and it makes each day worth it! 

So here's to the crazy people! Never change who you are or settle for less! Shoot for the moon. I believe if you never try or take risks you are selling yourself short! 

Travis and Tessa - Junque Hippy

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